Nelson Brandt

Knalleffekt (Limited Edition) (GBR042)

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Knalleffekt (Limited Edition)

Nelson Brandt

Growing Bin


LPS 168422




LP 22,30 €

Nepumuk / Knowsum glides onto the Growing Bin under his given name, living his best life in this lush loungecore fantasy. Eyebrow raised and hips unlocked, Nelson strolls through affluent funk, sun-blushed boogie and slacker soul to deliver a playful pop masterpiece. A Revered MC and renowned beat maker, his syrup-smooth vocals are just the cocktail cherry on top.


  • Music by Nelson Brandt aka Knowsum aka Nepumuk


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Passepartout
  • A2. Knalleffekt
  • A3. Schwimmen
  • A4. Das Koksquartett
  • A5. Assoziationsketten
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Schweben
  • B2. Appartement No 5
  • B3. Gotterspeise
  • B4. Digitale Liebe
  • B5. Schadstoffe
  • B6. Platte