Outros Espaço W/ Sun Ra Arkestra (Limited Edition) (CC0101LP)

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Outros Espaço W/ Sun Ra Arkestra (Limited Edition)


Comets Coming


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LP 20,64 €

The crew that travels through these Outros Espaço (PT for "Other Spaces") has freedom as the main fuel, jazz as a measure of their reach, and all swings in the world as maps, so they can lose them-selves at the end of the cosmos. There is urgency and reflection, craziness and pre cision, surprise and well-known ancestral raw material, that makes us vibrate in-wardly with the same trembling as the comets that are corning.

The visionary and veteran Scotty Hard was responsible for making everything sound like the music of the spheres, deal-ing with the mixing from his INGUASONIC SOUND studio in Brooklyn, NY.

And lastly, in January, Rob Mazurek, an-other frequent ally of Brandao, another notorious space traveler, offered a poem that frames this project


  • Tulipa Ruiz - (vocals)
  • Juçara Marçal - (vocals)
  • Guilherme Granado - (synthesizer)
  • Thiago França - (alto & tenor saxophone, flute)
  • Thomas Rohrer - (soprano, fiddle)
  • Paulo Santos - (percussion)
  • Sun Ra Arkestra


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Quando os Orixa´s Desfilam sobre a Cracolândia
  • a) Tudo Noiz
  • b) Eu Sou 1 Instrumento
  • A2. Salute the Sun
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Quantos Coltrane ?
  • B2. Jamais nos Esqueceremos
  • B3. Todo Dia Tem +
  • (a) O Sol da Meia Noite
  • B4. Delegados de Folguinha
  • a) (Essa Noite) A Casa É Nossa