Leonardo Marques

Flea Market Music (Limited Edition) (180GDULP09)

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Flea Market Music (Limited Edition)

Leonardo Marques



LPS 169901




LP 24,78 €

180 gram heavy vinyl pressing

A wonderfully warm, easygoing sort of record – one that's maybe in that same territory when a classic Brazilian singer of the 70s might hit some great mellow moments, but still work with this subtle edge that really hints at deeper currents below the surface!

Instrumentation is a mix of acoustic guitar and percussion, blended with warmer keyboards – and Leonardo Marques has a subtle soul to his style – never too over the top, but gently flowing along with the post-bossa spirit of the tunes!


  • Felipe Continentino, Pedro Hamdan - (drums)
  • Leonardo Marques - (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, piano)
  • Felipe D'Angelo - (piano)
  • João Machala - (trombone)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Compasso Do Desassossego
  • A2. Imperfeita Exatidão
  • A3. Do Chão Ao Céu
  • A4. Tall, Tan and Young (feat. Yohei)
  • A5. Anos Raros
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Evaporou
  • B2. Pouco A Pouco (feat. Yannick Falisse)
  • B3. Nas A´guas De Um Sonho
  • B4. Em Meio A` Timidez