Akira Ishikawa

Okinawa w/ Count Buffalo (Limited Edition + Obi) (NAS-2084)

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Okinawa w/ Count Buffalo (Limited Edition + Obi)

Akira Ishikawa

King Records


LPS 170187




LP 41,31 €

Limited Japanese Gatefold Edition + Obi

A groovy little record from the Count Buffalos group – an ensemble we know mostly for their heavier funk of the early 70s and late 60s – but who here step out in a clubbier mode with some sweet touches of disco!

The group's still a jazz one at its core – but they've also added in bits of chorus vocals, keyboards, and some strings – all to come up with a sound that's somewhere in a New York club style of the late 70s – with a strong instrumental focus overall, one that still has some jazzy solos – but plenty of emphasis on the groovy rhythms too!


  • Masao Suzuki - (baritone sax)
  • Masaoki Terakawa - (bass)
  • Akira Ishikawa - (drums)
  • Takao Naoi - (guitar)
  • Hideo Ichikawa - (keyboards)
  • Larry Sunaga - percussion)
  • Ohno Group - (string)
  • Takeru Muraoka - (tenor & alto sax)
  • Eiji Arai - (trombone)
  • Koji Hatori - (trumpet)
  • Kayoko Ishu, Time Five - (vocals)


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Sasquatch
  • A2 High School Cadets
  • A3 Baby Elephant Walk
  • A4 C'est si bon
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Okinawa Blues
  • B2 Sea Side Bound
  • B3 Tanchame
  • B4 Sunset Okinawa