Dylan Henner

You Will Always Be (Limited Edition) (EXPERIMENTAL)

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You Will Always Be (Limited Edition)

Dylan Henner

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LP 18,99 €

After his well-received 2020 album ‘The Invention Of The Human’, electronic musician Dylan Henner ponders the grand themes of life, death, love and loss on ‘You Will Always Be’. Compelling vistas of sound built primarily with new age minimalism on this forty-minute composition split across two sides of vinyl. For fans of artists like Visible Cloaks.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. A New Living Being Opens Its Eyes for the First Time
  • A2. Everyone I've Ever Loved Lives Here Together
  • A3. Today I Learned What Makes Bugs Sick and How to Tie My Shoelaces
  • A4. We're So Young That We'll Never Grow Old
  • A5. The World Moves Quicker Than I Had Ever Realised and Sometimes It's Unkind
  • SIDE B
  • B1. With Her First Ever Steps She Walked to Me and She Was So Happy
  • B2. Today I Taught Them How to How to Skip Stones Across the Lake
  • B3. These Photos of My Children Make Me Want to Climb Into the Frame
  • B4. My Heart Is Slowing Down and Soon It Will Have to Stop
  • B5. Hope I Will Be Remembered as a Good Person