Sun Ra

Discipline 27-II (Limited Edition) (STRUT146LP)

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Discipline 27-II (Limited Edition)

Sun Ra



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One of Sun Ra's greatest albums of the 70s – recording during the same sessions that yielded the famous Space Is The Place record for Blue Thumb, and done with a very similar feel – an expansive configuration of the Arkestra in peak form!

The range of expression is really incredible – from the spiritual soul jazz of "Pan Afro", to the lightly grooving June Tyson vocals of "Neptune", to the extended suite "Discipline 27-II", a stretched-out spacey number with vocal "dramatizing" by Ra, Tyson, Ruth Wright, and Judith Holton. That track's a particularly great one, with the kind of spiritual resonance behind the spacey approach that rarely comes through as strongly on other albums – but the whole set is wonderful, and judging how reminscient of it some of the best, similarly-minded underground jazz is decades later – the whole thing is an amazing testament to how strong Ra's influence is today.


  • Sun Ra - (piano, space organ [Farfisa], Minimoog)
  • Akh Tal Ebah - (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals)
  • Lamont McClamb [Kwame Hadi] - (trumpet, percussion)
  • Marshall Allen - (alto sax, flute, percussion)
  • Danny Davis - (alto sax, flute, alto clarinet, percussion)
  • Larry Northington - (alto sax, conga, percussion)
  • John Gilmore - (tenor sax, drums, vocals)
  • Pat Patrick - (tenor sax, baritone sax, flute, electric bass, vocals)
  • Danny Ray Thompson - (baritone sax, flute, percussion, vocals)
  • Eloe Omoe - (bass clarinet, flute, percussion)
  • Lex Humphries - (drums percussion)
  • Robert Underwood [Aye Aton] - (drums)
  • Harry Richards - (drums, percussion)
  • Alzo Wright - (drums, percussion)
  • Stanley Morgan [Atakatune] - (conga, percussion)
  • Russell Branch [Odun] - (conga, percussion)
  • June Tyson, Ruth Wright, Cheryl Banks, Judith Holton - (ethnic voices)

Recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, October 19–20, 1972


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Pan Afro .......... 07:52
  • A2. Discipline eight .......... 07:49
  • A3. Neptune.......... 05:42
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Discipline Twenty Seven-II .......... 24:06