Adrian Younge

Jazz Is Dead 18: Tony Allen (Die-Cut - Colored LP) (JID018LPLTD)

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Jazz Is Dead 18: Tony Allen (Die-Cut - Colored LP)

Adrian Younge

Jazz Is Dead


LPS 173794




LP 30,56 €


die-cut cover

This is a posthumous tribute album to the late Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, who was one of the pioneers of Afrobeat music and a longtime collaborator of Fela Kuti. The album features Allen's drumming mixed with new compositions by the American producer Adrian Younge, who is known for his work with artists like Ghostface Killah, Kendrick Lamar and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

The pronouncement that "jazz is dead" is certainly a controversial one, but Younge's aim there is to equate Allen with the spirit of jazz as a whole. The jubilant warpery and tremolo-ing flutes of lead tracks like 'Ebun' should be enough to know: like the impenetrable durability of jazz, Allen will live on through his work.


  • Tony Allen - (drums)
  • Adrian Younge - (keyboards)
  • Scott Mayo - (saxophone)
  • Phillip Whack - (saxophone)
  • Jaman Laws - (tenor saxophone)
  • David Urquidi - (alto saxophone)
  • Jacob Scesney - (baritone saxophone)
  • Emile Martinez - (trumpet)
  • Tatiana Tate - (trumpet)
  • Lasim richards - (trombone)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Ebun
  • A2. Steady Tremble
  • A3. Oladipo
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Don't Believe The Dancers
  • B2. Makoko
  • B3. Lagos
  • B4. No Beginning
  • B5. No End