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Live in Lugano (JD 11022)

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Live in Lugano

Herbie Hancock

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JD 11022



Live in Lugano

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Tracks: 1. Toys, 2. First Trip, 3. Speak Like a Child, 4. Little Waltz, 5. Willow Weep For Me, 6. Dolphin Dance, 7. Ili's Treasure, 8. Princess, 9. Eye of the Pricess, 10. Walking.

The master keyboard player performs an incredible program of jazz stylings with guest stars bassist Ron Carter and drummer Billy Cobham, recorded live at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano, Switzerland, 1984. Here each member of the trio is given plenty of solo space in the different combinations of solo, duo and trio playing during the hour-long performance. Whether it is the piano/drums interplay of "Eye of the Hurricane," Carter's solo bass introduction to "Willow Weep for Me," or the bass/drums solo of "Walking". The real reason to own this release is the opportunity to see Hancock, Carter and Cobham in action.

The action on this DVD proves that while in the early Eighties Hancock was busy exploring music's technological potential, he was still capable of stunning acoustic work, something that was to become more evident when he returned to a more organic setting for 1995's "New Standard" and 1997's duet record with Shorter, "1+1".