Jack Montrose

Two Can Play (FSR 2226)

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Two Can Play

Jack Montrose

Jazzcity Series


ZZZ 113733

FSR 2226



Two Can Play

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Full personnel: Conte Candoli (tp), Jack Montrose (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Paul Moer (p), Joe Mondragon, Red Mitchell, Ralph Peña (b), Billy Schneider & Shelly Manne (d).

The talent of Jack Montrose (1928-2006) was an exceptional one. He proved to be a prolific writer and a lucid player of his own music, as well as of that of others. But two can play the game of jazz, and one recalls most fondly that Jack's main artery of expression was in the recordings in which he joined soul and sound with his friend Bob Gordon. So inextricable was their relationship of minds, horns, being, that death alone could break it. It did, on a tragic Sunday of August 1955, when Bob met eternity head-on in an automobile. For Jack the shock was intense. He later said "Bob was more than just an inspiration, he was my other half and together we formed a musical whole."

Track Listing:

CD 1 - 1. Meet Mr. Gordon, 2. Tea For Two, 3. Modus Operandi, 4. Onion Bottom, 5. What A Difference A Day Makes, 6. For Sue, 7. Love Is Here To Stay, 8. Two Can Play, 9. A Little Duet, 10. Paradox, 11. When You Wish Upon A Star, 12. Have You Met Miss Jones, 13. Dot's Groovy.
CD 2 - 1. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town, 2. Cecilia, 3. April's Fool, 4. The News And The Weather, 5. Listen, Hear, 6. Pretty, 7. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered, 8. Credo, 9. Fools Rush In, 10. Speakeasy, 11. That Old Feeling, 12. Some Good Fun Blues.

Recorded in Hollywood, May 6 & 27, 1954 (CD1#1-9), May 11 & 12, 1955 (CD1#10-14 & CD2#1-4), June 24 & July 6, 1955 (CD2#5-12).