Charlie Parker

Complete Royal Roost Broadcasts (JD 003)

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Complete Royal Roost Broadcasts

Charlie Parker

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JD 003



Complete Royal Roost Broadcasts

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All the Box-Set in cardboard and in the same size as regular CD (143 mm. long x 125 mm. tall x 14 mm. wide)
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This set contains the complete Charlie Parker broadcasts at the Royal Roost in New York. Recorded during a short period from late 1948 to early 1949, these amazing programs showcase Bird with his working quintet and contain some of the best improvisations by the great jazz master. While these broadcast have been issued in edited form on various different sets, this edition presents them in chronological order and in their complete form, including all existing mannouncements and every single note played by Bird. As a bonus, three rare broadcasts presenting Bird during the exact same period on which the Royal Roost programs took place, as well as a1950 show mwhich features Parker backed by an accordionist.


CHARLIE PARKER, alto sax on all tracks, plus:
Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham (tp)
Lucky Thompson (ts), Milt Jackson (vib),
Al Haig, Tad Dameron (p)
Tommy Potter, Curley Russell (b),
Max Roach, Joe Haris (d)
among others.

All tracks recorded at the Royal Roost, New York, September 1948-March 1949.


CD One, 15-22: BIRD ON TV 1949

[15-18] Charlie Parker (as), Shorty Sherrock (tp), Sidney Bechet (ss), Joe Bushkin (p),
Chubby Jackson (b), George Wettling (d), Charles Delauney (ann).
WPIX-TV Studio, New York, February 21, 1949.
[19-22] Charlie Parker (as), Miles Davis, Max Kaminsky (tp), Kai Winding,Will Bradley (tb),
Joe Marsala (cl), Mike Caluccio, Joe Sullivan (p), Max Roach, Gordon “Specs” Powell (d), A
nn Hathaway [Ann Baker] (voc), William Williams (ann).
CBS-TV Studio, New York, March 4, 1949.

CD Two, 13-18: WALDOR F ASTORIA HOT EL 1949 / BIRD ON TV 1950

[13-14] Charlie Parker (as), Kenny Dorham (tp), Lucky Thompson (ts),
Milt Jackson (vib on 14 only), Al Haig (p), Tommy Potter (b), Max Roach (d).
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, March 5, 1949.
[15-18] Charlie Parker (as), Milton DeLugg (accor), Ray Malone (tap dancing), PLUS studio band,
Jerry Lester, Buddy Lester (mc). NBC TV-Cast, “Broadway Open House”, New York, October 31, 1950.


CD 1 Total Time: 78:25
01 52nd Street Theme
02 Ko Ko Into 52nd Street Theme
03 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
04 Groovin’ High
05 Big Foot
06 Ornithology
07 On A Slow Boat To China
08 Closing Announcement
09 Hot House
10 Salt Peanuts
11 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
12 Chasin’ The Bird
13 Out Of Nowhere
14 How High The Moon
15 Now’s The Time*
16 Lover*
17 I Can’t Get Started* 
18 Blues Jam*
19 Anthropology*
20 Bop City* 
21 I Get A Kick Out Of You*
22 Big Foot*

CD 2 Total Time: 68:28
01 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
02 Half Nelson
03 White Christmas
04 Little Willie Leaps Into 52nd Street Theme
05 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
06 Be Bop
07 On A Slow Boat To China
08 Ornithology
09 Groovin’ High
10 East Of The Sun
11 Cheryl
12 How High The Moon [Jam Session] Into Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
13 Barbados*
14 Ornithology*
15 Anthropology*
16 Donna Lee*
17 Blues*
18 Almost Like Being In Love*

CD 3 Total Time: 63:15
01 Announcement
02 Scrapple From The Apple
03 Be Bop
04 Hot House
05 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
06 Oop Bop Sh’bam
07 Scrapple From The Apple
08 Salt Peanuts
09 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
10 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
11 Groovin’ High
12 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
13 Scrapple From The Apple
14 Barbados
15 Salt Peanuts
16 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
17 Scrapple From The Apple
18 Barbados
19 Be Bop
20 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]

CD 4 Total Time: 72:4
01 Groovin’ High
02 Confirmation
03 Salt Peanuts
04 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
05 Commercial Break
06 Announcement
07 Half Nelson
08 A Night In Tunisia
09 Scrapple From The Apple
10 Deedle
11 What’s This
12 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
13 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
14 Cheryl
15 Anthropology
16 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
17 Hurry Home
18 Deedle
19 Royal Roost Bop [All The Things You Are]
20 Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]
21 Cheryl
22 On A Slow Boat To China
23 Announcement
24 Chasin’ The Bird Into Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Theme]