Jared Gold

Jg3 + 3 (PR8122)

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Jg3 + 3

Jared Gold



POS 141685




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Poll-winning organist Jared Gold takes his game to another level for his 7th release as a leader for Posi-Tone Records. With the addition of three horn players to his regular trio and a stunning program of new compositions and innovative arrangements, "JG 3+3" clearly demonstrates Gold's musical leadership and his total mastery of the Hammond organ. This hard hitting sextet session features the inspired front line playing of Patrick Cornelius on alto saxophone, Tatum Greenblatt on trumpet, and Jason Marshall on baritone saxophone, along with the cool comping of Dave Stryker on guitar, and the steady metrics of Sylvia Cuenca on drums. Jazz fans everywhere will certainly agree that "JG 3+3" is a swinging good time that everyone can dig over and over again!

Jared Gold - organ
Dave Stryker - guitar
Sylvia Cuenca - drums
Patrick Cornelius - alto sax
Jason Marshall - baritone sax
Tatum Greenblatt - trumpet

1. Pendulum
2. Spirits
3. Sermonette
4. Shower the People
5. No Moon at All
6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
7. Fantified
8. Cubano Chant
9. Charcoal Blues