Stanley Clarke

Up - the Stanley Clarke Band (MAC 1083)

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Up - the Stanley Clarke Band

Stanley Clarke

Mack Avenue


MAC 144048

MAC 1083



Up - the Stanley Clarke Band

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Legendary bassist Stanley Clarke considers his upcoming Mack Avenue Records release, The Stanley Clarke Band’s UP, to be the most energetic, rhythmic and upbeat album that he has ever done—and with more than 40 solo albums under his belt, that’s saying quite a lot. Clarke’s signature bass virtuosity and technical acumen is present throughout, but the enjoyment he had in making this album is also apparent. Unlike his predominantly acoustic bass work on the last few albums, UP is almost equal parts electric and acoustic bass.

“My aim here was to make a record with my friends. Every single recording session was nothing but fun,” says Clarke. “Surrounding myself with people I enjoy being with made the sessions effortless. Everyone came prepared and ready to play. All were great musicians and they came to the studio to give everything they had.”


01. Pop Virgil
02. Last Train To Sanity
03. Up
04. Brazilian Love Affair
05. Bass Folk Song #13: Mingus
06. I Have Something To Tell You Tonight
07. Trust
08. Bass Folk Song #7: Dance Of The Giant Hummingbird
09. Gotham City
10. Bass Folk Song #14 : Dance Of The Giant Hummingbird / Bass Folk Song # 15: Eleuthera Island
11. School Days
12. La Canción de Sofia