Sal Mosca

Too Marvelous for Words (CJ 1248 - 1252)

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Too Marvelous for Words

Sal Mosca

Cadence Jazz


CIM 148357

CJ 1248 - 1252



Too Marvelous for Words

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This is one of the most important collections of Sal Mosca’s piano work. The 5 CD package from Cadence Jazz includes 56 tracks by the pianist performing on tour in the Netherlands in June 1981. The material features five solo concerts between June 19 and June 24 and gives us an opportunity to hear him at his finest.

Best of all, there’s little overlap of material as Mosca courageously challenged himself to move forward rather than repeat what he performed days earlier. It also features previously unreleased recordings offering a rare glimpse at Mosca’s piano approach in the early 1980s. The music was discovered after Mosca’s death in 2007, when bassist Don Messina, who played with him, was preparing a collection for the archives at Rutgers University’s Institute of Jazz Studies.

In a box labeled “1981 European Tour,” Don found seven tapes. About this recording Dick Hyman said When Sal Mosca performed this concert in The Hague, Netherlands, at last his playing was reaching a larger audience. This release adds brilliance to Mosca’s too small discography.

CD 1: THE HAUGE, JUNE 19, 1981

01. Time Was
02. Donna Lee
03. S.A.M.
04. A Family Song
05. Marionette
06. Sweet Georgia Brown
07. Lover Man
08. Love Me or Leave Me
09. Over the Rainbow
10. Stardust
11. She's Funny That Way
12. Iotago
13. I Got Rhythm


01. I Never Knew
02. She's Funny That Way
03. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
04. Moonlight in Vermont
05. Hot House
06. Marionette
07. Lennie-Bird
08. Sal's Bird of Paradise No. 3
09. Background Music
10. Darn That Dream
11. K.L.M.

CD 3: UTRECHT, JUNE 23, 1981

01. Lover Come Back to Me
02. You Go to My Head
03. Out of Nowhere
04. A Ghost of a Chance
05. Donna Lee
06. Prelude to a Kiss
07. Leave Me
08. There Will Never Be Another You
09. These Foolish Things
10. April


01. A Family Song
02. Sistee
03. Sal's Line
04. All of It
05. K.L.M.
06. M.F.M.
07. So Nice
08. Iotogo
09. S.A.M.
10. Give a Rag a Ride
11. You Go to My Head

CD 5: ROTTERDAM JUNE 20, 1981 (Cont'd) / MAASTRITCH JUNE 24, 1981

01. Sound-Lee
02. Talk of the Town
03. Cherokee
04. Embraceable You
05. Back Home
06. A Family Song
07. Vitamin Blues
08. Lennie-Bird
09. Sweet Georgia Brown
10. Hot House
11. You Go to My Head