Aki Takase

Something Sweet (ENJ-9188 2)

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Something Sweet

Aki Takase



ENJ 149600

ENJ-9188 2



Something Sweet

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AKI TAKASE, solo piano

Munich, Germany, June, 2007


01. Crepuscule with Nellie by Thelonious Monk
02. Walking Batterie Woman by Carla Bley
03. Something sweet, Something tender by Eric Dolphy
04. Intermission Music by Carla Bley
05. 57577 by Aki Takase
06. More than truly by Aki Takase
07. . Into the silver down by Aki Takase
08. Possibly you like the thrill by Aki Takase
09. Against darkness by Aki Takase
10. Deep by deep by Aki Takase
11. Globe Unity by Alexander von Schlippenbach
12. The Sphinx by Ornette Coleman
13. Peace by Ornette Coleman
14. Lokomotive by Thelonious Monk
15. Hinter meinem Rücken by Aki Takase
16. So Long Mr. T by Aki Takase