William Parker

Bass Duo (CENT 1013)

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Bass Duo

William Parker

Aum Fidelity


AUM 150363

CENT 1013



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"Bass Duo" presents the historic and only performance meeting of these two renowned and innovative bass masters, each representing distinct musical traditions; both fully committed to the summit at hand. It was recorded during the Udin&Jazz 2008 Festival in Udine, Italy at Teatro San Giorgio. Both William Parker and Stefano Scodanibbio are bassists, composers and improvisers possessing a deep sense of musical poetry, organic inventiveness, and personal style.

Recorded at Teatro San Giorgio, Udine, Italy, June 28, 2008.


01. I (10:47)
02. II (13:48)
03. III (14:50)
04. IV (17:39)
05. V (5:24)