Roscoe Mitchell

Ride the Wind W/ Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra (NCD-40)

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Ride the Wind W/ Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra

Roscoe Mitchell



NES 151942




CD 8,25 €

Acclaimed musician/composer Roscoe Mitchell continues his textural elaborations of the 'Conversations' recordings with Craig Taborn and Kikanju Baku. 'Ride the Wind' is a collaboration with the Montreal - Toronto Art Orchestra, an extraordinary group of improvising musicians. The ensemble consists of 6 woodwind, piano, vibraphone, tuba, 2 each of trumpet, trombone, viola, string bass and drums. Mitchell joins the orchestra on sopranino saxophone for 'They Rode For Them - part 2'. The ensemble had 4 days of rehearsal and concerts in Montreal and Toronto before venturing into the recording studio.


  • Marilyn Lerner (piano)
  • Loir Freedman (bass, contra bass, clarinet)
  • Jean Derome (piccolo, flte, bass)
  • Yves Charuest (alto sax)
  • Kyle Brenders (B-flat clarinet, tenor sax)
  • Jason Sharp (baritone & bass sax)
  • Peter Lutex (bassoon, soprano sax)
  • Nicole Rampersaud, Craig Pedersen (trumpet)
  • Tom Richard, Scott Thomson (trombones)
  • Julie Houle (tuba)
  • Jean René, James Annett (viola)
  • Rod Clutton, Nicolas Caloia (double bass)
  • Michael Davidson (vibes)
  • Isahias Ciccarelli, Nick Frazer (drums)
  • Gregory Oh (conductor)
  • Roscoe Mitchell (soprino sax)

Canterbury Mucis Company, Toronto, Canada, October 17, 2016


  • 01. They Rode For Them - Part One
  • 02. Splatter
  • 03. Ride the Wind
  • 04. They Rode For Them - Part Two
  • 05. RUB
  • 06. Shards and Lemons
  • 07. Nonaah