Roz Harding

Supermood W/ Mile Outram & Jim Bashford (CD LR 761)

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Supermood W/ Mile Outram & Jim Bashford

Roz Harding

Leo Records


LEO 155187

CD LR 761



CD 10,73 €


The trio covers several acres of musical terrain on this inspiring debut led by British saxophonist/educator, Roz Harding (Mike Westbrook's Uncommon Orchestra, Paul Dunmall). Indeed, it's one of those unanticipated surprises that at the very least, adds a nouveau light to the possibilities of what a hip, small ensemble rendezvous can generate. Harding and guitarist Mike Outram are near flawless foils and masters of invention. With the latter's recoiling lines, effects and gritty jazz rock soloing and Harding's penchant for melody, the trio sheds no tears performing without a bassist. Here, Jim Bashford's pronounced bass drum hits often compensate in this light. Cordial themes, dainty hooks and intricate unison runs combined with catchy sub-motifs pleasantly counterbalance the outside jazz maneuvers. Moreover, each piece flows like an act in a comprehensive theatrical production. This is partly due to the trio's signature style and mini-plots.When necessary the band tightens up, yet also executes ethereal sound-shaping instances amid semi-free detours, heightened by the leader's popping and soaring lines and wavering extended notes. Meanwhile, Outram comps, emphasizes the pulse and uses distortion to amplify or create a series of edgy movements, framed on largely, medium-tempo rock beats and distortion-fed outbreaks.


ROZ HARDING, alto sax


01. Breath Intro
02. If You Could
03. Waiting For Pea
04. Tangled Part 1
05. Tangled Part 2
06. Mega Bear
07. You Breathed In A Storm
08. For The Moon
09. Breath Outro
10. Yesterday I Was On Time
11. Fifty-Two Fifty.