Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon Quartet and Quintet (FSRCD 595)

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Jack Sheldon Quartet and Quintet

Jack Sheldon

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Jack Sheldon Quartet and Quintet

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Featuring: Jack Sheldon (tp), Zoot Sims (ts), Joe Maini (as), Walter Norris, Kenny Drew (p), Ralph Peña, Bob Whitlock, Leroy Vinnegar (b), Lawrence Marable, Gene Gammage (d)

Trumpeter Jack Sheldon’s debut on record was undeniable proof that he had established himself among the most promising young talents of his era. He had an exciting conception, warm tone, and an earthier sound than his peer, Chet Baker. On the quartet session here, Sheldon is backed by the trio of the articulate, fleet, swinging pianist Walter Norris, who composed three of the originals included. Norris is also the pianist on the first quintet sides, with Sheldon’s fine horn and Zoot Sims’ hard-swinging tenor. In the final quintet here, the main assets include the fire and drive of pianist Kenny Drew and the Bird-influenced saxophonist Joe Maini.

Today, over fifty years after these first recordings by Jack Sheldon for producers Herbert Kimmel and Dick Bock, his well-earned reputation as one of the best trumpeters ever to grace the West Coast scene remains unchallenged.


Tracks #1-8 from the 10" LP
"Get Out Of Town" (Jazz:West JWLP-1)
Tracks #9-16 from the 10" LP
"Jack Sheldon Quintet with Zoot Sims" (Jazz:West JWLP-2)

All the above tracks also issued on the 12" LP "Jack Sheldon: The Quartet & The Quintet" (Jazz:West JWLP-6)

Track #17 from the 12" LP "The Hard Swing" (World Pacific JWC-508)
Track #18 from the 12" LP "Jazz West Coast - Vol.2" (World Pacific JWC-501)
Track #19 from the 12" LP "The Blues - Vol.1" (World Pacific JWC-502)


Tracks #1-8: Jack Sheldon (tp), Walter Norris (p), Ralph Peña (b) and Gene Gammage (d).
Recorded in Hollywood, at Western Studios, August 22 & September 4, 1954.

Tracks #9-16: Jack Sheldon (tp), Zoot Sims (ts), Walter Norris (p), Bob Whitlock (b) and Lawrence Marable (d).
Recorded in Hollywood, at Capitol Recording Studios, on April 4, 1955.

Tracks #17-19: Jack Sheldon (tp), Joe Maini (as), Kenny Drew (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b) and Lawrence Marable (d).
Recorded in Los Angeles, at the Forum Theatre, on November 18, 1955.

These sessions were originally produced by
#1-8 by Herbert Kimmel (Outpost Productions).
#9-16 by Edward Mesner (Aladdin Records).
#17-19 by Dick Bock (World Pacific Records).

Recording engineers:
John Neal at Western Studios (1-8), John Kraus & John Paladino at Capitol Recording Studios (9-16) and Dick Bock at the Forum Thatre (17-19).


01. Get Out of Town (2:32)
02. Ah, Moore (3:11)
03. Dozo (2:40)
04. Cheek to Cheek (3:20)
05. Mad about the Boy (2:52)
06. Streets of Madashi (3:06)
07. Toot Sweet (2:50)
08. Jack’s Depart (3:04)
09. What Is There to Say (3:36)
10. Groovus Mentus (3:56)
11. Beach-Wise (3:10)
12. Palermo Walk (3:15)
13. Blues (4:44)
14. Irresistible You (3:57)
15. Guatemala (3:22)
16. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (3:44)
17. It’s Only a Paper Moon (7:19)
18. Contour (5:55)
19. Leroy’s Blues (6:56)

Total time: 74:00 min.

24-Bit Digitally Remastered