Elza Soares

Planeta Fome (22308-2)

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Planeta Fome

Elza Soares



TAM 160101




CD 12,39 €

Elza Soares launches PlanetaFome, the album that brings together the tips, joining the beginning of her career with the present. Elza was still an aspiring singer when she went to the program CalourosemDesfile, on RádioTupi, hosted by Ary Barroso. Seeing her dressed in poor clothes, Ary asked, "What planet did you come from, my daughter?" She replied: "From the same planet as you, from the hunger planet". Time has passed and Elza is still hungry for culture, dignity, education, equality and much more. That's what PlanetaFome is all about, that's the story she tells on this album. Elza carefully chose the repertoire, selecting what made sense to sing these days. There are twelve irresistible songs, between unreleases and renditions, including a new composition in her own special style (the first time ever she records a song of her own). The album features an outstanding participations of BaianaSystem, OrkestraRumpilezz, Virgínia Rodrigues, BNegão and Rafael Mike.


Guilherme Monteiro (guitar), Rafa Barreto (guitar), Pupillo (drums), Fepile Roseno (percurssion), Jessé Sadoc (trumpet), Rafael Ramos (producer)
Special Guests: BaianaSystem, Orkestra Rumpilezz, Virgínia Rodrigues, BNegão, Pedro Loureiro Rafael Mike.


01 Libertação
02 Menino
03 Brasis
04 Blá Blá Blá
05 Comportamento Geral
06 Tradição
07 Lírio Rosa
08 Não Tá Mais de Graça
09 País Do Sonho
10 Pequena Memória Para Um Tempo Sem Memória
11 Virei O Jogo