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Jubilee Varia (JAZZ)

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Jubilee Varia

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Jubilee Varia

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From the liner notes:

On first hearing this CD may sound to you like an ill-programmed mess, with the improvisations up front and the catchy numbers buried deep. But with ICP, over the long haul or short, the more you hear it, the more apparent its trajec tory becomes, the more orderly and less chaotic it sounds. Or, the more you hear ICP’s improvised “instant compositions” and their instant demolitions of Misha’s highly whistleable tunes, the less clear it becomes what’s order and what’s chaos to begin with. They rewrite the book on accepted mu sical practices, just as they rewrite their own book, every precious evening they’re on the bandstand. – Kevin Whitehead


Misha Mengelberg (piano)
Michael Moore (clarinet, alto saxophone)
Ab Baars (clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Thomas Heberer (trumpet)
Wolter Wierbos (trombone)
Ernst Reijseger (cello)
Tristan Honsinger (cello)
Ernst Glerum (contrabass);
Han Bennink (drums)

Recorded  live in Zürich, November 6, 1997.


01. Jubilee Varia
02. Jealously
03. Rollo I