Nahuel Jazz Quartet

Nahuel Jazz Quartet (SS-010)

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Nahuel Jazz Quartet

Nahuel Jazz Quartet

Ediciones L.R. Ortiz


LPS 163790




LP 33,04 €

The group's debut album, recorded in May 1963, was to prove a great incentive to many other Chliean jazz acts, not least the Chilean Jazz Messengers and the Village Trio. However, the album proved more that just a motivator and inspiration to others, it stands by itself as a solid, tight jazz album. Recorded for the independent label Ediciones LR Ortiz, it was a genuine milestone by being the first full jazz album recorded in Chile by a professional Chilean group.


  • Omar Nahuel - piano
  • Patricio Ramírez - alto sax
  • Alfonso Barrios - bass
  • Orlando Avendaño - drums


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Serenata
  • A2. Tranquilo
  • A3. That old feeling
  • A4. Donna Lee
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Here It Is
  • B2. L. R. 361
  • B3. But Not For Me
  • B4. Taste of Honey