Emosyon Tambou-a (Limited Edition) (BM1806)

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Emosyon Tambou-a (Limited Edition)


Beau Monde


LPS 166087




LP 24,78 €

A record from the start of the 90s, but one with a spirit that's much more like some of the best 70s hybrids of jazz and global rhythms – served up here by a group that features plenty of the three musical elements pictured on the cover, plus some vocals from the ensemble as well! Electric bass and guitar are the two non-acoustic instruments in the mix – and there's plenty of rootsy percussion that really moves quickly with the grooves, as the bass often inflects along with the energy of the rhythms – laying out a tuneful path that's then followed by the vocals!


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Emosyon Tanbou-A
  • A2. Bélya Pou Péyi-A
  • A3. Tout Pèp La Sanblé
  • A4. Sové Tè-A
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Wi Nou Ké Rivé
  • B2. Ni Dé Jou
  • B3. Démokrasi
  • B4. Dansé Ting-Bang