Masashi Komatsubara

Edo w/ Hideki Matsutake & Konae Imato (8055323521253)

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Edo w/ Hideki Matsutake & Konae Imato

Masashi Komatsubara



LPS 168913




LP 24,78 €

limited edition

including OBI & insert in English & japanese

“Edo” is a cosmic ambient experimental masterpiece conceived in 1977 by Masashi Komatsubara and developed alongside with Hideki Matsutake (a.k.a. Logic System and reductively defined by many as the "fourth member of the Yellow Magic Orchestra").

As a true sound scientist, he pours all his efforts into this record, and aimed at the widest possible use of an electronic instrument that was at the forefront at that time — the Moog IIIc. He extends his research by trying to break down the last wall between modernity and the past: the union and eurythmy between artificial sounds and traditional sounds.

All this through a perfect three-way collaboration together with the shamisen musician Konae Imato, and the creation of a unique and extraordinary charming work dedicated to the double soul of the capital of Japan: ancient Edo, now the current day city of Tokyo.


  • SIDE A:
  • Part I: Journey to Edo
  • Tokaido / Asukusa Hakkei
  • SIDE B:
  • Part II: The City of Edo
  • The North District
  • The South District
  • The Great Fire of Edo
  • The Sound of woodworking
  • The Daimyo Procession towards Edo Castle