John Dankworth

Zodiac Variations + the 1,000,000 Collection (2CDSML 8480)

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Zodiac Variations + the 1,000,000 Collection

John Dankworth



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2CDSML 8480



Zodiac Variations + the 1,000,000 Collection

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JOHN DANKWORTH : Most of the world knew John Dankworth best as Cleo Laine’s longtime husband and accompanist, but he was a steady player for many decades. He started his career in a novelty and traditional ensemble called the Garbage Men, led by Freddy Mirfield. Dankworth studied at the Royal Academy of Music from 1944 to1946. He began the Johnny Dankworth Seven in 1950, and from 1953 to 1964 led a large jazz band featuring Laine. Dankworth’s profile as a composer was bigger than as a player; he wrote operatic works, pieces for a jazz band with symphony orchestra, and film scores.


CD 1:
The Zodiac Variations:
01. Theme, Way with the Stars.
Soloists: Clark Terry (tp), Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb), Alan Branscombe (vib)
02. Aquarius.
Soloist: Ronnie Scott (ts)
03. Pisces.
Soloist: Vic Ash (cl)
04. Aries.
Soloist: Art Ellefson (ts), Gus Galbraith (tp), Paul Carroll (bs)
05. Taurus.
Soloists: David Snell (harp), Greg Bowen (tp)
06. Gemini.
Soloist: Lucky Thompson (ts)
07. Cancer.
Soloists: Kenny Napper (b), Leon Calvert (tp)
08. Leo.
Soloists: Danny Moss (ts), Chuck Israel (b)
09. Virgo.
Soloist: John Dakworth (cl)
10. Libra.
Soloist: Ronnie Ross (bs)
11. Scorpio.
Soloists: Phil Woods (as), Zoot Sims (ts)
12. Sagittarius.
Soloist: Clark Terry (tp), Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb)
13. Capricorn and Coda.
Soloists: Osie Johnson (d), Kenny Wheeler (tp).

Recorded in New York, October 9, 1964, London, 28 October, 2 & 10 November 1964.

CD 2 The $1,000,000,000 Colecction: London, May 1-3, 1967
01. Winter Scene.
Soloists: John Dankworth (as), Chris Pyne (tb)
02. Sailor.
Solist: Kenny Wheeler (tp)
03. Two-Piece Flower.
Soloist: Henry Lowther (cor)
04. Little Girl in Blue.
Soloist: Ray Swinfield (reeds);
05. Composition with Colour.
Soloists: Les Condon (tp), Mike Gibbs (tb)
06. Face in a Crowd.
Soloist: Laurie Holloway
07. La Clownesse.
Soloist: Laurie Holloway (p), Tony Roberts, Tony Coe (reeds)
08. Garden of Delights.
Soloits: Tony Roberts (reeds)
09. Madonna.
Soloists. John Dankworth (as), Tony Coe (reeds)
10. Hogshead of Hogarth.
Soloists: John Dankworth (as), Chris Pyne (tb).

London, May 1-3, 1967

Both albums originally Fontana