Toni Sola

Natural Sounds (SA 005)

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Natural Sounds

Toni Sola

Swing Alley


ABS 109613

SA 005



Natural Sounds

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The style he cultivates is a compendium of illustrious influences (Illinois Jacquett, Gene Ammons, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Arnet Cobb, Buddy Tate, David Sanborn, King Curtis, Stanley Turrentine...) yet with an overrending feeling of swing and strength of expression; two essential elements in Toni Solà's extroverted playing. His language is both direct and vigorous and keeps the public in constant climax of complicity with his discourse. Few tenor players today can presume to be as independent and sollicited as Solà.


1. Amy (T.Solà) 3:34
2. Mangoes (Wayne-Libbey) 5:14
3. Safari Blues (T.Solà) 4:01
4. Un Instant de Màgia (T.Solà) 7:27
5. Funk to Grover (T.Solà) 4:05
6. Nictalops (T.Solà) 4:48
7. All the Gin is Gone (J.Forrest) 3:05
8. Come Sunday (D.Ellington) 5:11
9. Ger-ru (G.Ammons) 4:16
10. Bright Moments (R.Kirk) 7:01
11. Song for Stanley Turrentine (T.Solà) 5:53

Recorded May 2003, Barcelona, Spain