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Hagar`s Song with Jason Moran (ECM 2311)

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Hagar`s Song with Jason Moran

Charles Lloyd



ECM 135651

ECM 2311



Hagar`s Song with Jason Moran

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“Lloyd has an utterly personal sound that he exploits beautifully on ballads and lyrical, near-abstract pieces.” - The New Yorker
“The bottom line is that he is now producing, both live and on recordings, some of the finest playing of his career.”- Los Angeles Times

Hagar’s Song, the newest release from longtime ECM luminary Charles Lloyd, is an interactive duo recording with Jason Moran, the pianist who has been a key member of Lloyd’s latter-day quartet, contributing to the albums Rabo de Nube (2008), Mirror (2010) and Athens Concert (2012). Hagar’s Song, a collection of intimacy and homage, features pieces especially dear to Lloyd, ranging from compositions by Billy Strayhorn (“Pretty Girl” a/k/a “Star-Crossed Lovers”), Duke Ellington (“Mood Indigo”) and George Gershwin (“Bess, You Is My Woman Now”) to a standard strongly associated with Billie Holiday (“You’ve Changed”), Brian Wilson’s most famous Beach Boys ballad (“God Only Knows”) and a Bob Dylan song definitively interpreted by the Band (“I Shall Be Released”). The centerpiece of the album is the title suite composed by Lloyd and dedicated to his great-great-grandmother, who was taken from her home in south Mississippi at age 10 and sold to aslave-owner in Tennessee.

The release of Hagar’s Song comes in time to help mark Lloyd’s 75th birthday, on March 15, 2013. About the pieces that constitute Hagar’s Song, the saxophonist says: “Music has always been my inspiration and consolation – I hope to give the same. The songs we chose for the recording are part of the continuous thread of music that is my life.”


, tenor sax, bass and alto flute
JASON MORAN, piano, tamborine

Recorded April 2012 at Santa Barbara Sound Design


01 . Pretty Girl (aka Star Crossed Lovers)
02 . Mood Indigo
03 . Bess, You Is My Woman Now
04 . All About Ronnie
05 . Pictogram
06 . You’ve Changed
07 . I. Journey Up River
08 . II . Dreams Of White Bluff
09 . II . Alone
10 . IV. Bolivar Blues
11 . V. Hagar’s Lullaby
12 . Rosetta
13 . I Shall Be Released
14 . God Only Knows