Andrew Hill

The Day the World Stood Still (STCD 20412)

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The Day the World Stood Still

Andrew Hill



STU 110191

STCD 20412



The Day the World Stood Still

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CD 12,38 €

Recorded in Denmark, April 2003.

With Andrew Hill (piano, leader and all compositions),
Scott Colley (bass)
and Nasheet Waits (drums).

Also featuring the collaboration of the "Agergaard Saxophone Quintet" in some tracks. Thomas Agergaard was the 2002 Danish Jazzpar Combo Leader.

Hill exhibited a determined command of his materials, however abstract they might sometimes be. His composed melodies were labyrinthine, rhythmically and harmonically complex tunes from his 'Point of Departure' album exhibit a sophistication born of mastery, not chance or contingency. As a pianist, Hill had a flowing melodicism and an elastic sense of time. Like his composing, Hill's playing has an ever-present air of spontaneity and is almost completely devoid of cliché.

24 pages booklet included.