George Duke

Dreamweaver (HUI-34170-02)

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George Duke

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Out of devastating pain comes DreamWeaver, the new disc, which GRAMMY Award-winning keyboardist/composer/arranger/producer George Duke considers his “most honest album in several years.” The making of DreamWeaver occurred after his wife, Corine, passed away. Struck with grief, he found it difficult to work during that period. “I didn’t feel like creating any music, which was odd, because normally that’s the easiest thing for me to do,” he says, “Sometimes, I would walk into the studio and say, ‘Nah. It’s not going to happen.’”


01. DreamWeaver
02. Stones Of Orion
03. Trippin‘
04. AshTray
05. Missing You
06. Transition 1
07. Change The World
08. Jazzmatazz
09. Round The Way Girl
10. Transition 2
11. Brown Sneakers
12. You Never Know
13. Ball & Chain
14. Burnt Sausage Jam
15. Happy Trails