Sketches of Groove (FSNT 306 CD)

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Sketches of Groove

Fresh Sound New Talent


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Sketches of Groove

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Featuring: Raynald Colom (tp, flgh), Abe Rábade (p, Fender Rhodes), Tom Warburton (b), Marc Ayza (d), Roger Blavia (percussion), Martí Serra (ts), Guim G. Balasch (as, fl), Raül Reverter (as), Philippe Colom (bcl), David Soler (g, pedal steel guitar), Joan Diaz (kb)

For some reason the mere mention of certain names among music fans will cause a positive stir that is quite hard to explain. The same way, the music of these artists transmits an infectious energy that makes us expect their performances with heartfelt enthusiasm. That is the case with Raynald Colom, and the great expectations that his projects create would not be so surprising were we not talking about jazz.
Together with Llibert Fortuny, and Gorka Benítez, he is part of a triumvirate of musicians who, because of their style and artistic personality, enjoy a distinct prestige unusual in the world of jazz. Since word went out that Raynald had finished recording his new album (the previous one was his recording debut, also for Fresh Sound New Talent, FSNT 214), all his fans have been waiting to see if it meets their expectations. On a personal level, his latest project will serve as a springboard to move forward in his career and move to the States to find his place in the tough, unforgiving scene of New York. Fresh Sound and, we are sure, the rest of Catalan aficionados that the drive he has always shown will help him develop his personality overseas with the same strength and charisma he has proven to have so far.


1. The 12 hours effect
2. Horacio
3. Sketche #1
4. Juanito’s Groove
5. Q.T.P.
6. Lu’s Mood
7. Sketche #2
8. El Clandestino
9. Come Sunday

Recorded in Girona (Spain) 2007.