Kaja Draksler

The Lives of Many Others (CF 286 CD)

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The Lives of Many Others

Kaja Draksler

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CF 286 CD



The Lives of Many Others

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Titling a piano solo with a reference to the “many others” tells you everything about the personality of this young Slovenian composer and improviser. Kaja Draksler’s use of the keyboard may be a solitary one, fueled by very personal considerations, but the music played is inhabited by the ones who established the history of this instrument, from both the classical – she has a solid “erudite” background, and it shows – and jazz fields.


01. The Lives of Many Others
02. Vsi so Venci Vejli
03. Communicational Entropy / Andromeda
04. Suite: Wronger: Eerier: Stronger Than (Just a Thought): I Recall
05. I Walked into Yesterday
06. Army of Drops
07. Delicious Irony