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Plays An Intimate Piano Session

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Plays An Intimate Piano Session

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PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MUSIC FROM THE FINGERTIPS OF DUKE ELLINGTON: An intimate 1972 session with the Duke on solo piano plus three bonus tracks from 1969.

The scene is 311 West 57 Street, New York, Mediasounds Studio A, Friday August 25th,1972. Duke Ellington was having an engagement with a smaller group at The Rainbow Grill, as he had had several times before, finishing the gig on the following night. But on the 25th, he chose also to go to the recording studio, just himself at the piano together with his two band singers Anita Moore and Tony Watkins, to record some pieces which were not played so often.

The recordings remained in his ”stockpile” until now, this being the first commercial issue of these beautiful pieces. The late Sjef Hoefsmit wrote about the session when he heard it back in 1994: ”It is difficult to understand why these magnificent recordings never have been issued”. Well, here they are at last – for all to enjoy!
Among the gems you'll find tracks such as two takes of the Billy Strayhorn composition “Lotus Blossom”, the Duke’s own “Le Sucrier Velours” and his emotional “My Mother, My Father and Love”. The latter was often performed with the Duke himself as a vocalist, reciting his own lyrics. No doubt the words meant a great deal to him, both personally and as part of his positive stories about the black communities in the USA.

The new CD contains four additional bonus tracks. On November 7th, 1969, Duke Ellington and his orchestra played two concerts in Rotterdam, in the famous De Doelen concert hall. The second concert of the evening was prolonged, as the public wouldn’t let Ellington go. So while the rest of the bandmembers left the stage, a quartet with Duke, Wild Bill Davis, bassist Victor Gaskin and drummer Rufus Jones stayed, and played four more numbers, much to the delight of the sold-out house.

1-16: DUKE ELLINGTON (piano)
5-6: Add Anita Moore (vocals)
13, 14 and 15: Add Tony Watkins (vocals)
7: Add Unk. (dm)

Recorded New York, August 25th, 1972

17-20: Concert Hall De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
November 7th, 1969 (‘Afterparty’ from the 2nd concert)


Recorded in Rotterdam, November 7th, 1969**


01.The Anticipation
02.Le Sucrier Velours*
03.Lotus Blossom*
04.A Blue Mural From Two Perspectives*
05.I’m Afraid (Of Loving You Too Much)
06.I Didn’t Know About You
07.Loco Madi
08.Lotus Blossom
09.New World A-Comin’
10.Le Sucrier Velours
12.Single Petal of A Rose
13.The Blues Ain’t
14.Come Sunday
15.My Mother, My Father And Love
16.A Blue Mural From Two Perspectives
17.Black Swain**
18.The Lake**
19.Satin Doll**
20.Just Squeeze Me**

Recorded New York, August 25th, 1972
Recorded in Rotterdam, November 7th, 1969**