Manfred Burzlaff

Berlin Jazz Soundtracks (L - 104)

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Berlin Jazz Soundtracks

Manfred Burzlaff



LPS 152741

L - 104



LP 23,95 €

Previously unknown hard bop and cool jazz from Berlin Image Films of the 1960s, transferred from the original master tapes. All music by composer, vibraphonist and pianist Manfred Burzlaff (1932-2015), a true master of harmonies, inventing improvisational concepts and experiments somewhat comparable to the famous style of the Clarke-Boland Sextet. Burzlaff was one of the best European vibraphonists and a great arranger, which is not just a sentence being said because he doesn't live anymore! Vinyl-LP exclusive & digital, with unseen photos and nice obituary by Tatjana Wulfert.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Bahnhof Zoo
  • A2. Jazz Walzer
  • A3. Crow's Nest
  • A4. Tränenpalast
  • A5. Europa-Center 1
  • A6. Kaleidoskop In F
  • A7. Tobby`s Blues
  • A8. Mulligan
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Rendezvous Am Funkturm
  • B2. Helmstedt
  • B3. Im Märzen Der Bauer
  • B4. Infra-Rae
  • B5. Maler Einer Stadt
  • B6. Europa-Center 2
  • B7. Kaleidoskop In S
  • B8. Smog