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ART 7062



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Despite selling 25 million records worldwide, Macy Gray classes herself an outsider. Asked about growing up in Canton, Ohio, she says: "I'm too tall, with a little head and big feet and this funny little voice. I didn't fit in and I still don't."

Though, now in her forties, she seems to have reached an accommodation with life, love and show business. Of Ruby, her latest album, she says simply: "I hope it makes people happy."

It certainly should. Gray's rasping, soulful voice gets to grips with 12 songs of the present day that reveal a growing maturity. In the opener, "Buddha," she counsels: If it's what you feel, my advice is that you show it, So baby cry, if you hide, how will I know it?. And in the closer, "Witness," she risks the ire of America's Faithful, with this admonishment to no less than Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself: Save us, like you promised to, Hey, no disrespect but I would fix it if I was you.


MACY GRAY, vocals, with:

Gary Clark Junior, guitar
Johan Carlsson, Thomas Lumpkins, Meghan Trainor, synthesizer
Billy Wesson, John Jackson Junior, piano
Mattias Johansson, violin
David Bukovinszky, cello
Christopher Johnson, trombone
Printz Board, Jan-Anders Bjerge, Stuart Cole, trumpet
Tim "Izo" Orindgreff, saxophone and flute
Tomas Jonsson, tenor sax
Peter Noos Johansson, Chris Johnson, trombone
Thomas Lumpkins, Austin Brown, xylophone
Michael Engstrom, Alex Kyne, Caleb Speir, bass
Austin Brown, Gabriel Santana, drums.


01. Buddha
02. Cold World
03. Over You
04. White Man
05. Tell Me
06. Sugar Daddy
07. When It Ends
08. Just Like Jenny
09. Jealousy
10. Shinanigins
11. But He Loves Me
12. Witness.