Gene McDaniels

The Point of No Return (CJ - 77)

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The Point of No Return

Gene McDaniels




CJ - 77


CD 8,26 €

Jasmines second excursion into the world and recordings of Gene McDaniels looks backwards and forwards from the content of their first CD (JASCD 188 - Look To Your Heart). Includes all of his rare Doo-Wop recordings with The Sultans and The Admirals that he did before his solo career began. Also featured on this collection are all his singles released up to 1962, which includes the hits "Spanish Lace" and "Point Of No Return" and his LP "Tower Of Strength". Fully detailed liner notes containing rare photos from his only UK tour.


CD 1:
01. How Deep Is The Ocean (The Sultans)
02. Good Thing Baby (The Sultans)
03. I Cried My Heart Out (The Sultans)
04. Baby Don't Put Me Down (The Sultans)
05. Boppin' With The Mambo (The Sultans)
06. What Makes Me Feel This Way (The Sultans)
07. If I Could Tell (The Sultans)
08. My Love Is So High (The Sultans)
09. Oh Yes (The Admirals)
10. Left With A Broken Heart (The Admirals)
11. Close Your Eyes (The Admirals)
12. Give Me Your Love (The Admirals)
13. Once Before
14. Come On Take A Chance (Take A Chance On Love)
15. She's Come Back
16. Chapel Of Tears
17. Point Of No Return
18. Warmer Than A Whisper
19. Spanish Lace
20. Somebody's Waiting
21. Merletti Spagnoli (Spanish Lace)
22. I Almost Lost My Mind
23. (There Was A) Tall Oak Tree
24. He
25. I Don't Want To Cry
26. Funny
27. He's Got My Sympathy
28. A Little Be Of Soap
29. The Secret
30. You Can Have Her
31. Raindrops