Aruan Ortiz

Inside Rhythmic Falls W/Andrew Cyrille (CD 339)

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Inside Rhythmic Falls W/Andrew Cyrille

Aruan Ortiz



ITK 160082

CD 339



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Ortiz captures the symphony of everyday life in Oriente on his arresting new album, Inside Rhythmic Falls. "I think of myself as a storyteller," Ortiz says, "and each of the album's ten tracks tells a story about Oriente province." For this project Ortiz has chosen Cuban percussionist Mauricio Herrera and one of the best drummers of today's jazz to his side. Andrew Cyrille was born in Brooklyn, New York into a Haitian family. "Rhythm is life … the space of time danced through," and inside rhythmic falls everyone is possessed by the dance, both leading and following


  • ARUÁN ORTIZ, piano, vocals
  • MAURICIO HERRERA, percussion

New York, May 24 & 25, 2019


  • 01. Lucero Mundo
  • 02. Conversation With The Oaks
  • 03. Marímbula's Mood
  • 04. Golden Voice (Changüi)
  • 05. De Cantos Y Ñáñigos
  • 06. Inside Rhythmic Falls. Part I (Sacred Codes)
  • 07. Argelier's Disciple
  • 08. Inside Rhythmic Falls. Part II (Echoes)
  • 09. El Ashé De La Palabra
  • 10. Para Ti Nengón