Franz Koglmann

Opium For Franz w/ Bill Dixon (BM-02)

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Opium For Franz w/ Bill Dixon

Franz Koglmann

Black Monk


LPS 165024




LP 24,78 €

Incredible work from trumpeter Franz Koglmann – a musician who doesn't always get the same sort of credit as his avant jazz contemporaries – but who certainly warrants strong recognition for the depth of this set!

The record is bristling with brilliance – and has this mixture of free expressions balanced with a sense of structure – in a way that's almost a link between the loft jazz world of the 70s New York scene.

Side A has Franz working with a quintet that also features Bill Dixon on trumpet, plus Steve Horenstein on tenor, Alan Silva on bass, and Muhammad Malli on cymbals – a group that sparkles with these fantastic organic rhythm progressions next to standout solos from the horns. Side B features two tracks with a quintet that also includes Steve Lacy on soprano sax, Joseph Traindi on trombone, Cesarius Alvim Botelho on bass, and Aldo Romano on drums – and one more with a trio that includes Toni Michlmayr on bass and Gerd Geier on electronics.

The Lacy tracks are tremendous – and it's a very fresh setting for Steve to be blowing alongside Koglmann's flugelhorn – and the electronics tracks have a sound that's very unusual too, not like any other jazz approach we've heard in the format.


  • Franz Koglmann - flugelhorn, trumpet
  • Bill Dixon - trumpet (A 1)
  • Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone (A2, B1)
  • Alan Silva - bass (A1)
  • Cesarius Alvim Botelho - bass (A2, B1)
  • Toni Michlmayr - bass (B2)
  • Gerd Geier - computer (B4)
  • Muhammad Malli - cymbals (A1)
  • Aldo Romano - drums (A2, B1)
  • Steve Horenstein - tenor saxophone (A1)
  • Joseph Traindl - trombone (A2, B1)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. For Franz
  • A2. Der Vogel, Opium (To Jean Cocteau)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Carmilla (To Sheridan Le Fanu)
  • B2. Karl Und Das Loschpapier (To Konrad Bayer)