Piero Umiliani

Paesaggi (Limited Edition) (FLIES52B)

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Paesaggi (Limited Edition)

Piero Umiliani

Four Flies


LPS 167322




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One of the most seductive sound library albums ever recorded by Piero Umiliani – a set that was originally issued under his Zalla pseudonym, but which has all the best jazzy grooves of some of his famous soundtrack material from the end of the 60s!

As on those records, Umiliani plays a host of great keyboards, especially organ – over rhythms that are mellow-stepping and slightly funky – often updated with modes borrowed from bossa nova, but brought into a more sensuous Italian soundtrack setting – balanced with nice touches on flute, guitar, and other instrumentation as well.

The whole thing's wonderful – as lovely as your favorite soundtrack work by Umiliani, Piero Piccioni, or Armando Trovajoli


  • R. Majorana (bass)
  • R. Podio (drums)
  • A. Baroncini (guitars)
  • A. Galigani (flute)
  • F. De Gemini (harmnica)
  • B. Cerbara (mandolina, guitar)
  • A. Vannucchi (organ, piano)
  • B. D'Amario (sitar)
  • F. Chiari (vices)


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Prime Nebbie
  • A2. Nel Parco
  • A3. Risaie
  • A4. Lungo il Canale
  • A5. Ciliegi in Fiore
  • A6. Oriente Rosso
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Pianure d'Asia
  • B2. Tanto Lontano
  • B3. Borgo Montano
  • B4. Laguna Tropicale
  • B5. Vecchie Strade
  • B6. Porta d'Oriente