Coleman Hawkins

London Concert 1964 (IJ 508)

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London Concert 1964

Coleman Hawkins



DIS 113500

IJ 508



London Concert 1964

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This new release presents an impressive concert by a true all-star combo. Recorded (in non-professional conditions) in London in 1964, the event brings together a group of veteran musicians with distinguished careers behind them: Coleman Hawkins (ts), Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp), Sir Charles Thompson (p), Jimmy Woode (b), Jo Jones (d). Live at Wembley Town Hall, London, England, October 1964. Tracks: 1. Stoned (7.30), 2. September Song (5:55), 3. What's New (4:20), 4. Willow Weep for Me (5:05), 5. Centerpiece (10:50), 6. Caravan (7:26).
As a bonus the DVD is rounded out with a short film made in Brussels by Coleman Hawkins a couple of years before, backed by Jimmy Woode, French pianist George Arvanitas, and Kansas Fields. Recorded in Brussels, Belgium, early June, 1962. Tracks: 07. Blowing for Adolphe Sax (4:43), 8. Disorder at the Border (9:15), 9. South of France Blues (7:13), 10. Rifftide (9:33).

Running Time: 72 mins. (B&W / Mono)