Regis Huby

Reminiscence: Live at Livio Felluga Winery (CAMJ 7929-2)

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Reminiscence: Live at Livio Felluga Winery

Regis Huby

CAM Jazz


ITF 152736

CAMJ 7929-2



CD 12,39 €


Bruno Chevillon and Michele Rabbia have created on Reminiscence, for all its modern means, is a set of music that goes back in form and feeling to the very earliest days of a great music. It takes a certain gift to make electronic effects as warmly immediate and physical as so-called “acoustic” instruments, as more than “effects”, but that is the gift of Huby, Chevillon and Rabbia on Reminiscence, a profoundly involving and often complex set of interlocked sequences recorded at the Livio Felluga Winery in Brazzano di Cormòns, Italy. This is music that doesn’t need scare quotes. Whether it is “jazz”, “post-jazz” or something beyond jazz altogether, ultimately doesn’t matter. What does is its intense and evolving engagement with the musical material and with an audience. In instrumentation and in setting it is just the latest and quite logical stage in a long creative evolution". (Brian Morton)


RÉGIS HUBY, violin & live electronics
BRUNO CHEVILLON, bass & live electronics
MICHELE RABBIA, percussion & live electronics

Recorded Live at Livio Felluga Winery (Brazzano di Cormòns, Italy) on 5 June 2017


CD 1:

01. I Mouvement
02. II Mouvement Movement
03. III Mouvement
04. IV Mouvement