Henri Texier

Amir (3760145921208)

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Henri Texier

Disques JMS


LPS 160056




LP 24,78 €

French double bassist and composer Henri Texier has made some superb albums over the course of his epic career, but few are quite as exceptional as his 1976 debut, "Amir". Now available on vinyl again for the first time since 1979, the set sees Texier and his collaborators mix elements of traditional jazz with of folk, traditional French music, hypnotic raga jazz and some seriously blissful, hazy chanted vocalisations. It's a blend that's in parts hazy, atmospheric, wide-eyed and surprisingly experimental, despite the easy pleasantness of the majority of tracks. The album has previously been championed by Balearic DJs as much as jazz heads, and listening to this reissue it's easy to hear why.


  • HENRI TEXIER, contrabass, oud, flute, bass

Paris, November 1975 ans February 1976


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Amir
  • A2. Le Sage, Le Singe Et Les Petits Enfants
  • - Le Sage
  • - Le Singe
  • - Les Petits Enfants
  • A3. Hommage
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Le Piroguier
  • B2. Homme Rouge
  • B3. Les Korrigans
  • B4. Quand Tout S'Arrête