Manfredo Fest

Brazilian Dorian Dream (FARO219LP)

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Brazilian Dorian Dream

Manfredo Fest

Far Out


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A sublime little set – quite possibly the greatest album ever from Brazilian keyboardist Manfredo Fest!

Manfredo first cut his teeth on the bossa scene of the 60s – but by the time of this rare indie session, he'd moved up to the US – and was working with sweet keyboards to really electrify his groove!

The record's a wonderful blend of 70s Brazilian fusion modes and just a dash of American soul – and in addition to Manfredo's wonderful work on Fender Rhodes, the set also has these brilliant vocals from Roberta Davis – a singer who works wordlessly, using her voice as an instrument in this really cool way – sliding along with the grooves, and making the album sound unlike anything else we can think of. The overall feel is a bit like Joao Donato's excellent Quem E Quem album


  • Manfredo Fest - electric piano, synthesizers
  • Thomas Kini - electric bass guitar
  • Alejo Poveda - drummer, percussion
  • Roberta Davis - vocalist


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Brazilian Dorian Dream
  • A2. Facing East
  • A3. Jungle Cat
  • A4. That's What She Says
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
  • B2. Who Needs It
  • B3. Braziliana No.1