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Stories (DT9098)

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Roni Ben-Hur

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Stories is the newest recording from renowned guitarist and composer Roni Ben-Hur. On his latest collaboration with some of the finest musicians on the international jazz circuit, the jazz guitar virtuoso shares a fascinating collection of 'stories' from his genre-busting 40-year multicultural musical journey.

Roni Ben-Hur is a master in the world of straight-ahead jazz, but his unique style also reflects the Brazilian, Middle Eastern and African musical landscapes that are so much a part of his heritage. This album is a dazzling compilation of great Stories from that rich treasure chest that yearn to be heard again and again.


  • Roni Ben-Hur - guitar
  • Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
  • George Cables - piano
  • Harvie S - bass
  • Victor Lewis - drums
  • Magos Harrera - vocals tracks 1 and 7
  • Tamuz Nissim - vocal track 5

Recorded in September 11 & 12, 2020 at Teaneck, New Jersey


  • 01. La Serena
  • 02. Something for Kenny
  • 03. But I Had To Say Goodbye
  • 04. Ma'of
  • 05. Ha'omnamv
  • 06. After The Morning
  • 07. A Redoblar
  • 08. Melodius Funk