Kenji Kawai

Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack (WRWTFWW017)

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Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack

Kenji Kawai



LPS 166283




LP 18,99 €

A classic reissue of an extremely classic soundtrack for a phenomenally classic movie; this edition Ghost In the Shell is a real triple threat. Kenji Kawai's music for this animated 1995 masterpiece of science fiction is a chilling blend of futurism and tradition, balancing wistful, half-remembered melodies with icy meditations on the world to come. Its theme transposes Bulgarian folk for a Japanese choir, laying out Kawai's innovative composition for all to hear.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. M01 I - Making Of Cyborg
  • A2. M02 Ghosthack
  • A3. EXM Puppetmaster
  • A4. M04 Virtual Crime
  • A5. M05 II - Ghost City
  • SIDE B
  • B1. M06 Access
  • B2. M07 Nightstalker
  • B3. M08 Floating Museum
  • B4. M09 Ghostdive
  • B5. M10 III - Reincarnation