Caravan 1968 (Limited Edition) (TPT 213)

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Caravan 1968 (Limited Edition)



TPT 213

LPS 166631

TPT 213



LP 20,64 €

180 gram audiophile vinyl

In the psychedelic late sixties there was a lively music scene in the Canterbury area that revolved around the band The Wilde Flowers. They never recorded much themselves, however, but after they disbanded other influential bands were formed from their ashes: Gong, Soft Machine, and, most importantly, Caravan.

Caravan's eponymous debut was released in 1968 and the album was considered a groundbreaking record capturing the freakish and exploratory moods of the times. Their sound went much further than the changing styles of the contemporary underground and that's what distinguished Caravan from other bands in their genre.


  • Pye Hastings - guitars, bass, vocals
  • David Sinclair - organ, piano, backing vocals
  • Richard Sinclair - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Richard Coughlan - drums
  • With:
  • Jimmy Hastings - flute solo A4


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Place of My Own
  • A2. Ride
  • A3. Policeman
  • A4. Love Song with Flute
  • A5. Cecil Runs
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Magic Man
  • B2. Grandma's Lawn
  • B3. Where but for Caravan Would I Be