François Tusques

Dazibao No. 2 (Limited Edition) (FF074)

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Dazibao No. 2 (Limited Edition)

François Tusques



LPS 167915




LP 20,64 €

Heavyweight 180 gr. LP

Free and fraternal! Six years after having recorded the first album of French free jazz alongside François Jeanneau, Bernard Vitet, Michel Portal, Beb Guérin and Charles Saudrais ('Free Jazz'), François Tusques followed up his formidable 'Piano Dazibao.' Following in the footsteps of his friend Don Cherry, and before Archie Shepp, he pays an homage here to George Jackson and the mutineers of Attica. More percussive (even heady) than ever, the pianist exploits repetitions and discord as an echo to the tumult of the world.


  • François Tusques (piano)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Georges Jackson Assassiné Par Les "Pigs" D'Une Balle Dans Le Dos
  • A2. Attica 71
  • A3. Seize The Time
  • SIDE B
  • B1. La Zone Des Tempêtes