Sebi Tramontana

Unfolding to be You (Limited Edition) (8056157050322)

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Unfolding to be You (Limited Edition)

Sebi Tramontana

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LP 22,30 €

15 self-portraits by Sebi Tramontana. The shortest is about 30 seconds and the longest is almost nine minutes. In these fifteen pieces the trombone is explored in multiple directions. There are techniques dear to the world of European improvised music as well as echoes of Duke Ellington's trombone masters, Italian accounting as well as the pure sound of the air.

Tramontana is a northern wind but Tramontana comes from the south, they have met and through a tube they take us on a curious, light, surprising journey. A journey that directly refers to the brass bible 'Song And Wind' by Arnold Jacobs, tubist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Then there is the voice.


  • Sebastiano Tramontana - (trumpet, vocals)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Prologue
  • A2. Fischia schiocca e soffia
  • A3. Reflux Control
  • A4. Vespro
  • A5. Those europeans
  • A6. Unfolding to be you
  • A7. Nicht müde werden
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Refreshing wipe
  • B2. L'enfant et le sortilège
  • B3. Squeeze me
  • B4. Siparietto
  • B5. Buzz me
  • B6. A.A.
  • B7. One more time
  • B8. This is my morning song (al final del dia)