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Boston Project (CF 056 CD)

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Boston Project

Dennis Gonzalez

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CF 056 CD



Boston Project

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Personnel: Dennis González (tp), Charlie Kohlhase (as, ts, bs), Nate McBride (b / right channel), Joe Morris (b / left channel) & Croix Galipault (d).

Track Listing:
1. Primate
2. Old Time Revival - Part I
3. The Matter at Hand
4. Hymn for Julius Hemphill
5. Constrictor [Old Time Revival - Part II].

All compositions by Dennis González.

Recorded live on Aug 8, 2003 at Artists-At-Large Gallery, Hyde Park, MA.

This recording is the result of a spontaneous gig, set up only days before it took place. As you will can testify, the performance turned out magnificently. This is live jazz at its best, full of energy and momentum.