Bob Brookmeyer

The Street Swingers (LHJ 10374)

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The Street Swingers

Bob Brookmeyer

Lone Hill Jazz


LHJ 121416

LHJ 10374



The Street Swingers

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****1/2 Downbeat
This edition presents Bob Brookmeyer’s complete album The Street Swingers, featuring him on both trombone and piano, backed by Jimmy Raney and Jim Hall.
As a bonus, the complete original LP, The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer, which was also recorded in a small group format and presents Raney again on guitar and Brookmeyer in the dual role of trombonist and pianist.

Bob Brookmeyer (v-tb, p), Jimmy Raney & Jim Hall (g), Bill Crow (b), Osie Johnson (d), New York, December 13 & 16, 1957.

Bonus album: The Dual Role Of Bob Brookmeyer

[7-10] Bob Brookmeyer (tb), Jimmy Raney (g), Teddy Kotick (b), Mel Lewis (d).
Hackensack, New Jersey, June 30, 1955.

(11-14] Bob Brookmeyer (tb & p), Teddy Charles (vib),Ed Shaughnessy (d), Nancy Overton (vcl on 13 only). New York, January 6, 1954.

1. Arrowhead, 2. Street Swingers, 3. Hot Buttered oodling, 4. Musicale Du Jour, 5. Raney Day, 6. Jupiter, 7. Rocky Scotch, 8. Under The Lilacs, 9. They Say It’s Wonderful, 10. Potrezebie, 11. Revelation, 12. Star Eyes, 13. Nobody’s Heart, 14. Loup-Garou.

Total Time: 78:38

The success of this should not be a surprise to those who have followed Brookmeyer’s development. He has been performing with a high level of musicianship for several years. His work with Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, and now with Jimmy Giuffre has been of consistently meaningful quality. Joined here by two enlightened guitarists, he has created a moving, appealing album.” (Don Gold)