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The Stepper (906084)

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The Stepper

Frank Butler



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The Stepper

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“The greatest drummer in the world.” That’s how Xanadu’s Frank Butler was described by “Papa” Jo Jones, linchpin of the great Count Basie band and founder of modern jazz drumming. Like Jones, a product of the fertile Kansas City jazz scene that gave us, among countless others, Basie, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker, Butler has long been considered by his peers to be one of the most accomplished, sensitive, and, above all, thoroughly musical dummers in all jazz.

In 1974 Don Schlitten, a longtime admirer of Butler’s, brought him out of retirement for a session with Teddy Edwards; then, into the Xanadu Family, featuring him initially on Dolo Coker’s albums, then here, for his first album as a leader. For that special date, Schlitten chose three players who are compatible with Butler’s musical philosophy as well as with him personally: Dolo Coker, Jack Motrose and Monty Budwig.

“The Stepper” is the drummer’s very first album as a leader. This unearthed gem reminds us of just how brilliant the underrated Butler was at the top of his game.


  • Frank Butler - (drums)
  • Jack Montrose - (tenor sax)
  • Dolo Coker - (piano)
  • Monty Budwig - (bass)
  • Sonny Criss - (alto sax)
  • Barry Harris - (piano)
  • Leroy Vinnegar - (bass)
  • Lenny McBrowne - (drums)

Venice, California, November 19, 1977


  • 01. The Stepper
  • 02. Au Privave
  • 03. Captain Kidd
  • 04. Easy Living
  • 05. Urbane