Lyle Murphy

New Orbits in Sound and His 12-Tone System (FSR 2254)

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New Orbits in Sound and His 12-Tone System

Lyle Murphy

Jazzcity Series


ABS 122997

FSR 2254



New Orbits in Sound and His 12-Tone System

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2 Lps On 1 CD

Featuring: Lyle Murphy (celeste), Milt Bernhart, Dick Nash (tb), Frank Morgan, Benny Carter (as), Buddy Collette (fl, cl, saxes), Abe Most (fl, cl, as), Russ Cheever (cl, ss, as), Bob Gordon (bs), Curtis Counce (b), Chico Hamilton, Shelly Manne (d)

Includes a 16-page booklet with recording details, extensive notes and rare photos.

Lyle (Spud) Murphy (1908-2005) the veteran arranger of the swing era began attracting attention in 1955 with his self-devised 12-tone scale system of composition and arranging. It was something completely different - an organized sound in a fresh and new harmonic concept. To achieve this result Murphy used the unique instrumentation of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones giving the full tonal range to the section captured in his first 10” record for the Gene Norman Presents label. The musicianship of the performers is first rate. In addition to the superb section work, which features Benny Carter, the solos played by Buddy Collette, Bob Gordon are outstanding, and especially striking is Frank Morgan, who emerged here as one of the most exciting West Coast altoists. The second record on which Murphy applied his musical system, was produced Lester Koenig’s Contemporary, on which five woodwinds play collectively with a rhythm section made up by Andre Previn and Shelly Manne, in a horizontal, or contrapuntal, design. On the last four selections, two trombones were added to the first instrumentation for additional tonal effect. The execution of the orchestral parts is flawless and the imagination and technique displayed by the soloists a still-exciting experience.


01. Tone Poem (Murphy) (2:57)
02. I Only Have Eyes for You (Warren-Dublin) (3:01)
03. Frantastic (Murphy) (2:48)
04. Caleta (Murphy-Laguna) (2:52)
05. Lost in Fugue (Murphy) (2:43)
06. Frankly Speaking (Murphy) (2:55)
07. Illusion (Murphy) (3:13)
08. Crazy Quilt (Murphy) (2:51)
09. Fourth Dimension (Murphy) (4:18)
10. Sophisticated Lady (Ellington) (4:05)
11. Poly-Doodle (Murphy) (3:14)
12. Dizzy Dialogue (Murphy) (3:00)
13. Seismograph (Murphy) (3:27)
14. Triton (Murphy) (3:27)
15. Perdido (Tizol) (2:59)
16. Blue Moon (Rodgers-Hart) (2:58)
17. These Foolish Things (Marvell-Strachey-Link) (4:28)
18. Pemba 3 (Murphy) (3:46)
19. Orbit (Murphy) (1:57)
20. Misty Rose (Murphy) (3:23)
21. Slightly Off Center (Murphy) (2:14)
22. Daily Double (Murphy) (2:40)

Total time: 70:00 min.

Tracks #1-8 from the Gene Norman Presents 10" LP
"Four Saxophonein Twelve Tones" (GNP-9).

Tracks #9-18 from the Contemporary 12" LP "12-Tone Compositions & Arrangements by Lyle Murphy" (C3506), later reissued as "Gone with the Woodwinds!" with the same catalog number.

Tracks #19-22 from Gene Norman Presents 12" LP
"New Orbits in Sound" (GNP-33).

Personnel on tracks #1-8: Frank Morgan (as soloist), Benny Carter (as section), Russ Cheever (cl, ss, as), Buddy Collette (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Lyle Murphy (celeste), Buddy Clark (b) and Chico Hamilton (d) or Richie Frost (d on #5-8).

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, November 3, and December 3 (#5-8), 1954.

Personnel on tracks #9-18: Buddy Collette (fl, cl, as, ts), Abe Most (fl, cl, as), Russ Cheever (cl, ss, as), Jack Dumont (cl, as), Chuck Gentry (b-cl, bs), André Previn (p), Curtis Counce (b) and Shelly Manne (d).

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, August 16 and October 11 (#14-18), 1955.

Personnel on tracks #19-22: Milt Bernhart, Dick Nash (tb), Russ Cheever (ss), Buddy Collette (as, ts), Morrie Crawford (ts), Bill Ulyate (bs), Curtis Counce (b) and Larry Bunker (d).

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, September 30, 1957.

Original recordings produced by Eddy laguna (#1-8), Lester Koenig (#9-18), and Gene Norman (#19-22).